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We are a service organization made up of men & women from all walks of life in our community. We are people who help in any way we can and get enjoyment out of it. We give freely of our time and efforts to help make Wilmington special.

The Cape Fear Lions are members of Lions Club International meeting the needs of local communities and the world. The 1.35 million members of our volunteer organization in 206 countries and geographic areas are different in many ways, but share a core belief – community is what we make it.

The First Lions Club was formed in 1917. The Cape Fear Lions Club was chartered in 1955. Our international motto is; WE SERVE. Our number one goal is the prevention and reversal of Blindness.


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Cape Fear Lions Solicitations

The Cape Fear Lions do not knock on doors asking for donations. We have never done this and never will.





Mar 03 Counting Glasses

We gathered together at Lion Georges for another Saturday morning of counting glasses, this batch is destined for Haiti.



apr 13 Azalea Festival

Eleven of our members and Jennifer Delong White participated in the Azalea Festival Street Fair on April 13 and 14 as we
helped the Southport Lions sell chances for the Bayliner boat which they will raffle off during Southport’s Independence
Day Celebration. The total collected by all clubs was $2,269. Southport’s expenses were $106 leaving $2163. Fifty percent
of that is $1,081.50 to be divided among the three participating clubs. Our profit from this project, therefore, is $360.50.


apr 01 Estate Planning

The speaker at our April 1 meeting was Attorney Sharon A. Hatton. She discussed estate planning, wills, trusts, guardians,
and the proper choice of social security options.


Mar 18 Club Growth

On March 18, Zone 2 Chair PDG Lion George Holston conducted a zone meeting in conjunction with our regular meeting.
In addition to members from the other clubs in our zone, District Governor Skippy Jackson and District Governor Elect
Mike Elmore were also present. Among the topics discussed were the assignments for clubs participating in the Southport’s
boat raffle, the funding for the bus to transport visually impaired people to Camp Dogwood, and possible participation in the
Cape Fear Fair and Expo.

A highlight of the evening was the formal induction of Lions Alan Chase and Jefferson Thompson into our club. Lions
George, Jack, Joe, and Tillie comprised the induction team performing the ceremony.


Mar 03 Counting Glasses

We gathered together at Lion Georges for another Saturday morning of counting glasses, this batch is destined for Haiti.


feb 18 New Lion

We had Jefferson Thompson join our ranks today. Welcome to the club; let's serve! Jeffersons Induction is scheduled for March.



jan 21 2012 Peace Poster

January 21st Our 2012 Peace Poster winner Alexius Haden joined our meeting with her parents and Principal Joyce Price from St Mary's School. Lion Jamie also gave a presentation on his recent trip to Bolivia.


jan 07 Training Day

January 7th was training for our new visin screening machine. This machine provides eye screening for patients with or without corrective lenses. It checks the patients prescription on existing lenses. It also checks patients without lenses to determine how much correction is needed. The machine will be used to do vision screenings by Lions at local clincs and schools and where needed at other gatherings in our area. Joining our meeting was Jennifer Delong-White and her other half JeffersonThompson also joining us were prospective members Alan Chase and Bert Novak.


dec 07-08 Salvation Army Bell Ringing

December 7 and 8 We were out in force ringing the bells for charity. In the 2 day span we collected a total of $1170.00


dec 03 Christmas Party

December 3 We had our annual Christmas party at Giorgio’s. Good food and fun was had by all.


nov 10 Counting Glasses

Seven of us gathered at Lion George’s home on November 10 to count, sort, and package the used eyeglasses and other items we have recently collected for recycling. We counted 776 eyeglasses and 163 sunglasses which we have shipped to Ohio State University’s Student Volunteers for Optometric Services to Humanity. We also had 5 pairs of hearing aids and 274 Campbell’s Soup labels which we sent to NC Lions, Inc. and 20 cell phones which we will recycle for cash to help fund our charitable community projects.


oct 19 Mobile Vision Screening

October 19 we had our annual vision screening day at the New Hanover County 4th St. Clinic. Lions Lois, Tillie, Janice, Kent, Jack, Jim, Jamie, Joe, Gerry, George and Glenn participated. Special thanks go to Grace Murano, Jennifer Delong-White and Lindsay Totten for helping us, help the blind.


oct 16 Jungle Prowl

October 16th we traveled to the Burgaw Lions Club for our yearly prowl. Lions Gerry, Joe, Tillie, Lois and Glenn attended.


Oct 1 Social Security Planning

Our November 1 meeting we had Dennis Stokley and Phil Potts give a presentation on Social Security options and how they affect your benrfits. More info can be found here.


Sep 28-29 Fall Fundraising

Our own Tail Twister Jeff flexing his muscles for Lionism.


Sep 27 Jungle Prowl

September 27 we had our Jungle Prowel to the Wilmington Lions Club . Lions Joe, Tillie, Kent, Gerry and Glenn attended.


Sep 17 Barbara Buchanan

Our September 17 meeting we had guest speaker Barbara Buchanan, a photographer and videographer. Barbara who has worked on many historical subjects gave us a presentation on the Japanese bombing of Oregon during WW2. You can view some of her work here.


Aug 28 Jungle Prowl/Zone Meeting

August 28th Lions Joe, Tillie, Gerry, George, Lois and Glenn attended our Zone Meeting at Jackson's BBQ. The visit also served as our jungle prowl to the Hanover Lions Club. Lion Archie Barringer of the North Brunswick Lions Club talked about their fundraising event: Golf Ball Drop.


Aug 20 Railroad Museum

At our meeting on August 20th we had Mark Koenig from The Wilmington Railroad Museum speak to our club about Wilmington's rich railroad history. We also had this years scholarship to Cape Fear community College winners as our guests; Ronald Rhames studying in the IT field and Tira Davis in journalism, we wish both good luck in their futures. Lion Kent received 100% President and Lion Gerry 100% Secretary.awards from the district while Lion Joe received the award for Best Newsletter


Aug 16 Jungle Prowl

August 16th was our first Jungle Prowl of the 2012/2013 year. Lions Joe, Tillie and Kent attended the Hampsted Lions Club's meeting.


Aug 6 Lion Kent

At our meeting on August 6th Lion Kent recieved the Presidents Award for his leadership this past Lion Year.


Aug 1 Topcon 7000S

North Carolina Lions Clubs Inc.Has procured a vision screening machine, the Topcon 7000S for deployment in District 31-h Zones 1 and 2.

This machine provides eye screening for patients with or without corrective lenses. It checks the patients prescription on existing lenses. It also checks patients without lenses to determine how much correction is needed. The machine will be used to do vision screenings by Lions at local clincs and schools and where needed at other gatherings in our area.


July 16 Spreading Lionism

At our meeting on July 16, PDG Lion George introduced William McGuire of the U.S. State Department’s Office of Broadcast Services. With him were Andrei Bolocam, Anastasia Condruc, and Ion Neagru, young TV reporters from Moldova. They had come to the United States through grants from the U.S. Embassy in Moldova and were taping a documentary about private organizations in our country which help solve community needs. They visited our club to learn first-hand about Lions as one such organization and to see how one specific Lions club fulfilled its mission.


July 1 2011/2012 Club Activities Review

During this past Lions Year we have donated or expended a total of $5,520 on service activities including the following:
Humanitarian/White Cane Contributions to the North Carolina Lions, Inc.
Camp Dogwood Campers
VIP Picnic
Vision Van Eyesight Screening
Student Scholarships to Cape Fear Community College
Clinical Eye Research
Leader Dogs
Disaster Relief
Salvation Army
Hospital Hospitality House
LCIF/Sight First II
Jack Stickley Fellowship and NCLI Memorials
William L. Woolard Partner in Service
Boys and Girls Home
Peace Poster Contest
VIP Fishing Tournament
We also contributed 2,029 volunteer hours to the following activities and organizations:
EARRS Board of Directors
Tileston Outreach (St. Mary’s Social Ministry)
Driving Visually-Impaired People to Meetings
Environmental Activities
Salvation Army
Public Library Volunteers
Local Homeowners Associations
Vision Van Screening
Used Eyeglasses, Hearing Aids, Cell Phones, and Ink Cartridges Collection for Recycling
(Note: The above expended hours do not include the time spent by our members at club, district, and state meetings or at the solicitation fund-raisers.)

We have recycled 2,345 pairs of used eyeglasses, 718 pairs of sunglasses, 30 ink cartridges, and 54 cell phones. This is a record of which we can all be proud. Let’s do even more during the coming year!



June 18 Flag Day Review/VIP Bowling

Our June 18th meeting Lion Kent provided us with trivia about our nations flag and flag day. We also had Sue Edgerton talk about her effots to start a VIP (visually impared persons) bowling league. Tonight was Lion Kents last meeting as club president; many thanks to Kent for all his hard work this past year. We also had prospective member Gordon Walikainen join our meeting.


June 10 2012 Bus ride to Camp Dogwood

June 10th Was the trip to Camp Dogwood. We sponsored 5 of the 26 VIP (visually impared persons) that made the trip.


June 4 2012 Officer Installation

June 4th we had our annual officer installation. This year it was held at Georgio's . It was good food and good fun for all.



June 2 2012 Counting Glasses

Saturday we sorted and counted the used eyeglasses we've collected over the past several months.



May 21 Patrick Griffin

Our May 21st meeting we had Hoggard High School Senior Patrick Griffin give us his presentation on blindness. We also had visiting Lions join our meeting: Ms. Sornatha Fulford who has moved to Wilmington from Columbus OH, she's looking for a club to join. We were first in her tour of Wilmington clubs. We also had Brian and Pam Airey from the Cheddar Vale Lions Club in Cheddar Vale England. Brian, the President of his club presented us with his club's banner.


May 4-5 Spring Fundraising

June 3rd and 4th we had our annual spring Begathon @ the Wilmington Kmart. We collected over $700


May 3 2012 VIP Picnic

May 5th we had our annual VIP (visually impaired persons) picnic at Haly Burton Park.


Apr 16 Lion Jamie's Induction

Our April 16th meet saw Lion Jamie Casper inducted to our club. Welcome aboard Lion Jamie!


Apr 14-15 2012 Azalea Festival

We were in force at this years Azalea Festival selling raffle tickets. We sold approximately $1,000.00 in tickets in our 2 3 hours shifts 



Mar 5 Dr Casper

We had Dr. Casper and his extern Dr. Mindie Do join our meeting. Dr. Casper showed us some pictures from his trips to Central and South America. The club presented Dr. Casper with a plaque in appreciation for his help with Vision Van.  


Feb 13 Lion George

Our February 13th meeting saw Lion George Holsten revceive the William L. Woolard Partner-in-Service Award



Feb 6 2012 Peace Poster Winner

Our February 6th meeting had the local Peace Poster contest winner Katie Williams great job Katie! 



Jan 22 2011 Year in Pictures





A video of the pictures taken in 2011 by Lion Glenn


Dec 9-10 Bell Ringing

During our bell ringing for the Salvation Army at Kmart on December 9 and 10, we collected a total of $1,124, which is $80 more than we took in last year. 


Dec 5 Christmas Party

Our December 5th meeting was our annual Christmas party. It was held at Georgio's in Monkey Junction. It was a good time by all.


Nov 22 Counting Glasses

On Saturday, November 22, eleven of us gathered at Lion George’s home to sort, count, and box the used eyeglasses we have collected during the past several months. Our totals came to: 1,140 pairs of glasses, 600 pairs of sunglasses (both prescription and otherwise), and 50 pounds of single lenses and frames

Oct 3 New Hanover Social Worker for the Blind

Jennifer Delong-White from the NC DHHS spoke at our October 3rd meeting. She discussed what programs are available for the visually impaired and the difficulties of getting services to those without transportation. If you are in need of help you can contact Jennifer HERE


Sep 23-24 White Cane Fundraising

We had our 2nd of three fundraisers at the Wilmington K-Mart. Despite the foul weather we managed to collect more than $500. Thanks to the generous people of Wilmington


Sep 19 2011 Scholarship Winners and District Govenor visit.

Our special guests for the evening were Samantha Johnson and Rachel Tucker, recipients of the Hugh and Carmen Reavis Memorial Scholarships to Cape Fear Community College which we have awarded for this semester.


Sep 16 2011 Vision Van

The 2011 Vision Van was a success; we did approximately 55 vision screenings. Dr. Casper was there once again to help out. Thank you Dr. Casper.

Aug 15 Jennifer Deets Ph.D.

Our August 15th Guest Speaker was Jennifer Deets Ph.D. She talked about The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. The Club was given an e-clubhouse banner patch for it's website and being a part of the LCIF online community.



June 20 Annual Awards and Officer Installation Night

Our Awards Night and Installation of Officers celebration at Lion George’s home on June 20 was truly a festive occasion with delicious food and good fellowship.


Jun 6 Alex Hunt

Our June 6th guest speaker was Alex Hunt he displayed and discussed his bike design. Lion Kent also spoke about our Statue of Liberty


Jun 3-4 Spring Fundraising

June 3rd and 4th we had our annual spring Begathon @ the Wilmington Kmart


May 21 Lion Kent

Lion Kent read an article about the meaning of flag draped coffins from the May/June publication of The North Carolina Legion News. You can read a copy of the article here.


May 2 David A Stallman

David A Stallman, a local author was our guest speaker May 2nd. He had a presentation about the W.A.S.P. It was very interesting. David has written a book on the subject.


Apr 18 Induction of Lion Liz

Our 4/18/11 meeting saw the induction of new lion Liz Marshburn. Welcome to the club Liz!!!


Apr 10 2011 Azalea Festival

We sold raffle tickets for a brand new BayLiner boat. Sponsored by the Sothport Lions Club we collected approximately $1,050 in donations. Our club will recieve 50% of those donations. Thanks again to the Sothport Club


Feb 21 Sena Preziosi

Sena Preziosi, Senior Health Service Coordinator for Life Line Screening, discussed the purposes and procedures of various medical ultrasound tests that will be offered by that company at a reduced rate in Wilmington.


Feb 7 Zone Meeting

February 7th We hosted a zone meeting; where we discussed our Azalea Festival plans. The Southport Club has purchased a boat to be raffled off. Many thanks to the Southport Club for sharing this fund raising opportunity.

Jan 17 Local Peace Poster

January 17th we awarded Kate Stultz the winner of theWilmington area Peace Poster Contest. Our club was also awarded a patch for our banner, for Year round growth. Lion George Holsten was also rewarded a pin for recruiting 2 or more new members

Jan 11 Jungle Prowl

January 11th we hit the road on a Jungle Prowl to the Wrightsville Beach Club 9 of us attended.

Dec 6 Annual Christmas Party

Our December 6th meeting was our annual Christmas party. It was held at Georgio's in Monkey Junction. It was a good time by all.

Nov 15 New Lions Zoe and Barbara

New Lions
Our November 15th meeting saw Lions Zoe and Barbara inducted into our club in a mildly Masonic ritual, no worries there was no bloodletting or anything medieval like that. Welcome to the club ladies.

Nov 1 Michelle (Mel) Boyajian

The speaker for our November 1, 2010 meeting (the most fun I’ve had at a meeting) was Michelle Boyajian (Mel) a local author. Mel discussed her book Lies of the Heart '. Publisher’s Weekly describes the book as; “… Seductive and riveting … Boyajian glides effortlessly between the dreamy terrain of love and the gritty detail of a slaying, its investigation, and prosecution … we couldn’t have gotten to see this heartbreaking story from a more perfect perspective.“ Mel also talked about her second book which is a work in progress. Before one can read the 2nd book one must read the 1st. So help support our local author and a great person by buying her book.
Cape Fear Lions meet every 1st and 3rd Monday of every month at 6:15 PM. (show up 30 minutes early if you plan on eating)

McAllisters Deli 740 S College Rd Wilmington, NC

Lion Clubs Links

Lion of the Year

Lion Jamie, for his dedication to Lionism


Help the Lions Help the Blind


Lions clubs around the world collect used eye glasses to help the needy. Do to legal reasons none of these glasses are reused here in the USA. We accept glasses of every kind prescription, reading and sunglasses. We also take used hearing aids.

To help raise funds for our local efforts we also recycle old cell phones and printer cartridges

We have several drop off sites around Wilmington, please help us help the blind.